The goal of BFL is to provide an enjoyable, character-building program free of prejudice, criticism and allowing all the youth of our community the opportunity to learn the game of football. The success of our program will not be measured by wins or losse
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Volunteering is the life-blood of our organization.  Without volunteers, our programs would simply not exist.  By Volunteering you become eligible to have your bond returned.  So, get involved in our organization and make a positive difference in your child's experience with BFL.

please contact Evan Fromberg at if interested in helping.

Each year, during registration, you will be asked to select from a list of the key activities and committees where we need the most help.  Read through the descrptions below to see which of them matches your interests.  Even if you don't have any experience, this a great opportunity to get some. All you need is a desire to learn.

General Manager
In-season job. The general manager oversees either the football or cheer operations and is the point person for all Coordinators, Head Coaches and Team Coordinators. This person should be able to attend most or all practices and all games. They should be able to field and respond to e-mails regarding in-season issues if they should arise.

Level Coordinator
In-season job. The level coordinator helps assist the general manager and is the main point person for their specific level. Their job is to work closely with the internal communications director, roster coordinator, equipment coordinator and snack shack committee throughout the season. This person should be able to attend most or all practices and all games.

Head of Coaches
In-season job. The head of coaches will work closely with the level coordinators, each individual team coordinator as well as all of the specific level coaches. The head of coaches should be considered an extension of the directors in implementing the philosophy of the organization at each level. This person should be able to attend most or all practices and all games.

In-season job. The coaches will work closely with team coordinators. The coaches will help the children develop thier skills,  teach good sportsmanship and implement the philosophy of the organization. This person should be able to attend all practices and all games.

Team Coordinator
In-season job. The team coordinators will work with each individual team and the level coordinator to help organize and disseminate information pertinent to their individual team. They will also work with the level coordinator and the snack shack committee to assign volunteers for the snack shack and game day related jobs such as chain gangs, statisticians and announcers for the Jr. Skyland Conference games. This person should be able to attend most or all practices and all games.

Internal Communications Director
This job will essentially begin right after registration and its duties will run throughout the season to the end of season banquets and parties. The director can and should appoint other volunteers to help with this job. The job will be working to ensure all communications from and to the following: BFL Directors, Football & Cheer General Managers, Roster Coordinators, Equipment Coordinators, Snack Shack Coordinators and all of the special committees as needed. It is especially important to have a synergy between the website committee as one of our goals is to use the website as a main hub for updates. This person will also be responsible for disseminating information via emails to the organization through our email distribution lists and also through fliers or handouts coordinated through our level and team coordinators.

Roster Coordinator Football & Cheer
This job will begin with registration and end with the banquets. This job entails coordinating all rosters for each particular level with all the appropriate information as we receive registrations either by mail or walk-in registrations. The coordinator will be responsible for keeping the rosters current during the registration period which closes on 7/1/YEAR. After all rosters are completed and current it is the roster coordinators job to distribute to all the following: BFL Directors, Internal Communications Director, Equipment Coordinator, Snack Shack Committee, both General Managers and all Level Coordinators.

Equipment Coordinator
This job will begin on or about 4/1 and will run throughout the season. The job will entail organizing and inventorying our existing equipment and coordinating through our rosters the need to order new equipment. The equipment coordinator and its volunteers will organize and schedule the distribution of equipment and the collection of equipment at seasons end. The equipment coordinator will communicate closely with the Level Coordinators, Head Coaches and each individual Team Coordinator throughout the season addressing any of their needs on an ongoing

Sponsorship Coordinator

Assist in securing sponsorships from local businesses to help support league operations; specifically EMTs present at all home tackle football games.

Team Parent
Chain Gang

Special Committees

Snack Shack Committee
This job will begin with our season on Family Fun & Field Day and run through the end of the season. The committee will be responsible for stocking and running the game day concessions including the home Jr. Skyland Conference games. The committee will work closely with each Level Coordinators and every individual Team Coordinator to ensure there are volunteers scheduled throughout game day and the Jr. Skyland Conference Home Games to run and organize set-up and clean-up of the Snack Shack.

Banquet Committee
Organize our end of the year football & cheer awards banquets and parties; schedule and communicate through the level coordinators the dates and costs. They will also be responsible for ordering all awards and facilitating at all of the end of year banquets and parties.

Fan Appreciation Night
Organize and run Fan Appreciation night with the Jr. Skyland team coordinators. This is traditionally our last home game and entails giveaways and promotion of the event.

Apparel Committee
Organize and implement a system for which BFL families can order and buy BFL Football & Cheer apparel. Ultimately we would like to have a coordinated effort with the website committee in an effort to post pictures and order forms on our website to help streamline the ordering process.

Cheer Exhibition Committee
Organize and coordinate the end of the year Cheer Exhibition with Bridgewater.

Picture Day Committee
Organize and coordinate our annual Picture Day. This committee will be responsible for scheduling and running the picture taking process. You will also be asked to coordinate with the Yearbook Committee so we can distribute the yearbook in a timely fashion.

Registration Coordinator Committee
Help organize and coordinate our March 6th walk-in registration. This committee will be responsible for coordinating with the apparel committee, the spring fundraiser committee and the directors to help make the process run smoothly.

Public Relations Committee
In-season job. This committee will be responsible for collecting weekly game reports and submitting them to our local papers. This is an extremely important position so that we can afford the BFL Football & Cheer registrants the recognition they deserve. This committee will work closely with each level coordinator.

Safety Committee
This committee will help organize and implement Rutgers Certification Training and CPR Training for all Coaches, Team Coordinators and Level Coordinators involved with the BFL program that do not have these certifications. This committee will work closely with the General Managers and the Level Coordinators to make sure each team is equipped with the proper safety equipment. (first aid kits, Janet bags, etc.)

Action Photo Committee
This committee will organize and coordinate action photos to be taken either professionally or by parent volunteers throughout the season. Nothing promotes the organization better than Football & Cheerleaders in action. This committee will work closely with the yearbook committee in an effort to try and incorporate the early season action photos to be included in the 2007 yearbook.

Punt Pass & Kick Committee
Organize and run the PP&K competition to take place during our fall season.

Field Maintenance Committee
This committee will be responsible for field maintenance and field lining during the season.